Fun 4th of July Preschool Activities and Treat Ideas

There are many ways to celebrate the 4th of July with preschool children. This can be done through games, food, crafts and more. A variation of all three will really put a smile on their little faces. Below are some ideas you can try to bring a bang to this Fourth of July.

Have the kids make paper plate streamers. What you will need are red and blue markers or crayons for each child along with 2 paper plates, tape, safety scissors and red and blue streamers. Either you or the kids can cut out the center of each plate. Using crayons or markers, have the kids decorate on side of each plate alternating top and bottom. On the side that is not decorated have the kids tape on the red and blue streamers. Have them place the two plates together so that the decorated sides are exposed with the streamers being on the inside. Tape the plates closed and let the kids have fun with their 4 th of July streamer plates.

Another fun Independence Day craft is the hand print flag. What you will need is red, white and blue construction paper, a large blue rectangular shaped piece of paper, a pen or pencil, safety scissors and glue. The children will be using handprints to make an American flag. How it works is you have each child trace his or her handprint (both hands) on the red and white construction paper. Have them cut them out with their safety scissors.

Next, have them cut out star shapes from the white paper. Then, they will glue their handprints all over the blue construction paper arranging how they want them to go but leaving a space in the upper left-hand corner for the rectangle which will be the space for the white stars to be glued. The handprints are the stripes!
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Every 4th of July needs a fun game. This one is called the Marble game. You will need red, white and blue marbles for this game. Have the children stand in a circle and pass out a blue and white marble to each child. You will also hand out one red marble to a child as well. Start some music and while the music is playing, have the circle begin handing their marble to the left. Have them keep handing over their marble until you stop the music. Once the music stops, any child standing with a blue marble gets a treat of some sort and the one child that has a red marble has to dance in the middle of the circle for the next round of music. They may return to the circle once the next child with a red marble enters the center.

4th of July cannot go without tasty treats. This is the perfect occasion to bake up some festive red, white and blue cupcakes. Children will also have lots of fun eating festive colored ice pops or fruits. One particular fun treat is red, white and blue jello treats. Have the kids use their imagination on what tasty snacks they can come up with for this 4th of July.

There are many different fun Fourth of July activities, treats and games the children can play this holiday season. It just takes some imagination, a handful of children and of course the 4th of July spirit.
Author: Rachel Vince

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