Preschool Bugs and Plants Science Ideas

Use these preschool bugs and plants science ideas as part of your preschool lesson plan or on their own.

Collect pinecones and soak in water for several minutes. Watch them close. Allow to dry for a few days, then watch them open.

Sweet potato
Watch a sweet potato grow in a jar of water. Stick toothpicks in four sides so the bottom half is immersed in water and the top half sticks up out of the jar.

Herb garden
Start an herb garden in an egg carton and later transfer to small pots. Let your children help you season a meal with herbs they grow.

Drinking flower
Supplies needed:white colored carnation flower, water, food coloring, vase or container to hold the flower and water. Procedure :
1. First, use a scissors to trim the end of the carnation flower.
2. Then, fill a glass with water and add about 1 tsp.of food coloring.
3. Now put the carnation flower into the glass of colored water.
4. The carnation will turn the color of the colored water. It will take a few hours for the flower to change color.

Catch tadpoles and watch them develop. Keep them in a bucket and add fresh water(from the pond where you found them).When tadpoles are very youmg, they need to be in water all the time. Add pond scum for food from time to time. They also eat cornmeal, cooked oatmeal, and lettuce. Place the bucket where the sun cannot shine on it. If the temperature of the water is changed quickly, the tadpoles may die.

Go exploring with a magnifying glass

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Ant Farm

Supplies needed: 2 glass jars(one needs to be lage enough to fit a soda pop can into. The can should fit int the jar with just a little room to spare. We used a plastic peanut butter container and put a pop can inside that.

- a piece of netting or cheesecloth
-black construction paper
-2 rubber bands
-a piece of sponge
- bread and honey to feed the ants

1.Fill the soft drink can with water and place a little sponge inside, partly sticking out of the top. This will be all the water your ants need. THe sponge will also keep them from going into the can.
2. Put the can in the glass jar or plastic peanut butter container.
3.Fill the jar with dirt. The can should be covered with dirt.
4. Place netting over the top of the jar, and secure it with a rubber band. Your ant farm is now finished! all you need are some ants.

To catch ants, put some jelly in a jar and turn the jar on it's side. When the jar has ants in it, remove the netting from your ant farm and shake the ants into your ant farm. As soon as they are in there, put the netting back over the top so they won't get out.

Feed your ants bread with a little honey on it. Don't feed them too much or the food will just rot.

Take the black paper off each day to observe the tunnels the ants make. WIthin a week or two, you will see wonderful tunnels and trails throughout the jar.

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