Creation Bible Lesson for Preschoolers

Use this creation bible lesson for your preschoolers including a sensory activity, game and free printables.

Creation theme:

Here is a sensory stimulation activity that helps teach about God's creation.
Genesis 1-2:25(The creation story)

Open the Bible and read Genesis 1:11 and talk to your prechooler about fruit as one of the things God made and then make the Scratch and Sniff book.

Scratch and Sniff book

construction paper
kool-aid or other powdered fruit drink mixes
plastic bowls

In advance, make a book for scratch and sniff pictures. Draw pictures of fruit on pieces of paper. These will become the pages of the book. Print the name of the fruit on each page. Make a book cover that reads "God gives us good food."

Add 1 or 2 Tbsp. of water to a small package of powdered fruit drink mix. Lead preschoolers to paint with the appropriate fruit drink mixture to make fruits that actually smell like the picture they are painting. When the pictures are dry, show them how to scratch them with their fingernails to smell the fruit. Read the book together.


Lesson theme:God Made the Animals(Genesis 1:24)

1.Animal Movements Game
Gather pictures of different animals(kangaroo, snake, pelican, duck,elephant). Show preschoolers one of the pictures, and then lead them to move like that animal. Be silly and have fun with the preschoolers. Say: "God made the animals."

2.Animal Sounds game

Children stand in a line. As you play some children's gospel music, the first child in the line leads the others around the room. When you stop the music, children freeze in place. Call out the name of an animal. Repeat the game as time allows, iviting new volunteers to lead others around the room and calling out different animal names.

Coloring Pages
Use these coloring pages of various animals for the kids to color. Print on each page "God made the animals."


Story time:Read the story(it also comes with the story on CD)Testify to Love by Stephen Elkins. The book with the CD will capture your child's attention. It 's very good.

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Great playdough fun