Dinosaur Action Songs

Enjoy these rhyming and dinosaur action songs as an add on to your preschool dinosaur theme.

Five Green Dragons

Five green dragons making such a roar.
One danced away and then there were four.
Four green dragons dancing around a tree.
One danced away and then there were three.
Three green dragons dancing around you.
One danced away and then there were two.
Two green dragons dancing in the sun.
One danced away and then there was one.
One green dragon having lots of fun.
She danced away and then there was none.

--Dinosaur Action Songs--

Fly Dragon, Fly
(sung to SKIP TO MY LOO)
Fly fly dragon fly
Fly fly dragon fly
Fly fly dragon fly
Way up in the sky.

Roar roar dragon roar
Roar roar dragon roar
Roar roar dragon roar
Just outside the door.

Run run dragon run
Run run dragon run
Run run dragon run
Try to have some fun.

Hop hop dragon hop
Hop hop dragon hop
Hop hop dragon hop
Dragon, dragon stop!

--Dinosaur Action Songs--

All Around the Castle
Sung to: Pop Goes the Weasel
All around the castle ground
The knight chased the dragon
The dragon thought it was all in fun
ROAR went the dragon!

Dragon Song(sung to My Bonnie)
A dragon flew over our house
He landed right next to a tree
We asked him to stay for some dinner
And he ended up eating me.

He ate, he ate, he ate me all up, all up.
He ate, he ate, he ate me all up

It's very dark inside a dragon
I didn't like it at all
I started to tickle his tummy
He laughed from summer to fall

He ate, he ate, he ate me all up, all up.
He ate, he ate, he ate me all up.

The dragon got tired from laughing
His mouth opened and I ran out
I said, "It's not nice to eat little children,"
He said, "Sorry," and started to pout.

I'm A Dragon
Sung to:"I'm A Little Teapot"
I'm a little dragon, strong and stout.
Here is my tail and here is my snout.
If you get me upset, you better watch out!
I'll give you something to shout about!

--Dinosaur Action Songs--

I'm A Mean Old Dinosaur
Tune:I'm A Little Teapot
I'm a mean old dinosaur
(Make a mean face, kids make the cutest mean faces)
Big and tall
(Gesture hands big and tall)
Here is my tail, here is my claw.
(Gesture hands behind your back for tail and make claw hands)
When I get all hungry
(rub your tummy)
I just growl
(have the kids exaggerate the grrroooowwwlll)
Look out kids I'm on the prowl.
(Here I tickle each one of the tummies and they all giggle)

The Dinosaurs
The dinosaurs lived long ago, when life on earth began.
(gesture palm up wave over your shoulder)
Some were tall(gesture high)
Some were small(gesture low)
Some liked water(gesture swimming)
Some liked land(gesture walking by with palms on your knees).
Pterandons had leathery wings(gesture flying)
Brontosaurs, long necks(gesture to neck).
But the meanest dinosaur of them all(gesture mean face).
Was the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex(gesture heavy stomping by alternating palms on your knees).

--Dinosaur Action Songs--

Be A Dinosaur(action rhyme)
Spread your arms, way out wide,
Fly like a Pterandon, soar and glide.

Bend to the floor, head down low,
Move like Stegosaurus, long ago.

Reach up tall, try to be
As tall as Apatosaurus eating on a tree.

Using your claws, grumble and growl
just like Tyrannosaurus on the prowl.

Five Enormous Dinosaurs
Five enormous dinosaurs
Letting out a roar--
One went away, and
Then there were four.

Four enormous dinosaurs
Crashing down a tree--
One went away, and
Then there were three.

Three enormous dinosaurs
Eating tiger stew--
One went away, and
Then there were two.

Two enormous dinosaurs
Trying to run--
One ran away, and
then there was one.

One enormous dinosaur,
Afraid to be a hero--
He went away, and
Then there was zero.

--Dinosaur Action Songs--

Top of Dinosaur Action Songs

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