Easter Preschool Crafts

Use these Easter preschool crafts to help celebrate the season including a stained glass cross, Easter lily handprint flowers, Easter egg collage, Easter lambs and a Palm branch Easter craft.

Stained Glass Cross

Supplies Needed:
clear contact paper
tissue paper pieces
dark construction paper

Put contact paper sticky side up on the table(you may need to tape it down). Have your kids tear up small pieces of tissue paper using a variety of colors. Let your kids stick tissue paper pieces to the sticky paper.
Cover with another piece of contact paper sandwiching the tissue in between. Frame with dark construction paper(with cross shape removed).

Easter Lily Handprint flower

This symbol of Easter represents purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life-the spiritual essence of Easter.

Supplies Needed:

white paper
green pipe cleaners
stapler or tape

Make a lily by tracing a handprint onto white paper. Cut out the handprint and roll the fingers around a pencil, then tape the sides of the hand together(with the curled fingers facing out). Twist two pipe cleaners together to make a stem and attach with a stapler or tape You can see a photo of this craft at http://www.create-kids-crafts.com/christian-crafts.html

Easter Egg Collage

Give your child a large egg shape cut-out from construction paper. Have your child decorate with sequins, scrap fapric, foil, buttons crayons, markers, etc.

Easter Lambs

Have your child trace their hands on black construction paper. Cut handprints out. Place handprints upside down so that the four fingers are the legs and the thumb is the head. Have your child glue cotton balls to the body. Add wiggly eyes for the eyes.

Palm Branch Easter Craft

Supplies Needed:

Green construction paper
Green pipe cleaner

Cut out a leaf shape from green construction paper. Glue a green pipe cleaner to the middle of the leaf. Let your child cut slits in the leaf.

Craft tip:Using scissors
“Remind your child to keep “thumbs up” when they hold scissors. Tell them to hold the paper with one hand and take tiny little “bites” with the jaws of the scissors."
From Hands on Art by Dr. Jean Feldman

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