Fall Preschool Theme

Fall preschool theme activities that include crafts, games, sensory activities, free printables, holidays and recipes

fall preschool theme activities

"Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be."
David Bly

Help your preschoolers celebrate the beauty and vivid colors of this season with a variety of crafts...

Fall and pumpkins go together, and some great preschool theme games are The Great Pumpkin Race, pass the pumpkin, and pumpkin ring toss...

Fall Sensory Activity Autumn time is apple harvest time! Here is a fragrant applesauce cinnamon dough that makes lovely scented ornaments. Also, homemade fingerpaint that you can add autumn colors to.

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Fall Holidays:
Grandparent's Day

Recipes To me autumn means cozy routines, and a warm kitchen. A homey apple dessert or a hot apple cider drink. Also here's a tomato noodle soup that even my picky four year old gobbles up. Enjoy...

Autumn Printables(coloring pages):
Father and son collecting leaves
Mom and daughter with pumpkins

Story time:You and your preschoolers will really enjoy reading Alfie's Long Winter by Greg McEvoy. It's such a cute story about leaves falling in the Autumn and how one little leaf named Alfie is reluctant to come off the tree. My children asked to read this again and again.

My children enjoy knock knock jokes, so throughout this website you'll find some of our favorites. Share them with your preschoolers for a giggle.

Knock knock. Who's there? Shirley. Shirley who? Surely you can open the door!

Some Fall Ideas You Might Like:

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Great playdough fun!

Creative Playdough Ideas for Kids is a 32 page e-book that is downloadable in PDF format, and provides simple, step by step instructions for a variety of creations with full color photos throughout. Playdough creations include cat, turtle, lion, snail, pig, snowman, snake, two rose methods, daisy, daffodil, ladybug, faces, cup and saucer, a heart of flowers, fruit and butterfly.

Great playdough fun