Games and Activities for Travelling with Kids

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Use and enjoy these games and activities for travelling with children.

1a.Travel game:Twenty Questions

I ask my children who can be the first to see the following things. When they say they've spotted the object, they have to point to where it is so the rest know they've actually spotted it. The person who spots the item first, gets a point. The child with the most points wins. These are some of the object ideas we use:
The first person to see:
-3 people in a vehicle
-1 lady driving a car
-a yellow car
-a green tractor
-2 cows
-a wooden fence
-a flatbed truck
-a trailer
-4 children in a car
-1 man alone in a vehicle
-a pond with a duck
-a boat
-a river
-a red barn
-a school
-a working combine
-hay bales
-a seagull
-a stop sign

1b.Bear Hunt game
This is a good game for developing memory skills. The first person says, "I'm going on a bear hunt and I'm bringing..." and she names a serious item like a sleeping bag, or a silly item like a jump rope. Each person says the same thing, including the items already added and adds one more. Children do get better as they practise.

2.Stories on CD

Here are some favorite stories on CD's that our children have enjoyed.
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginai Lee Burton
THe Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Leo the Lightning Bugby Eric Drachman
First Picture Nursery Rhymes by Usborne. Illustrated by Jo Litchfield
The Little House by Virginia Burton

3.Activity Kits
An activity kit is a simple activity for your preschooler with all the necessary pieces in it's own ziplock bag. Your child can pull out a bag and have all the necessary components for that activity in one place. Here are lots of "filler" ideas from around your home to put in those bags.

4. Travel desk
Here's a travel lap desk with a wipe off top you can make.

5.Coloring books.
If you don't have coloring books, attach coloring pages to a cheap clipboard for a hard writing surface.

Old toys become new again if they haven't seen or played with them in awhile. These can be "fillers" for your activity bags. Try to pick toys that aren't noisy or annoying and don't have numerous small parts that could get lost and cause drama.

To get the sillies out and get some exercise at rest stops when travelling by car, carry with you: chalk for hopscotch, jump ropes, frisbees, balls.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Jess. Jess who? Jess me, open the door!

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Great playdough fun