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Use these grandparents day ideas as gifts from your preschoolers. Grandparent's Day is the second Sunday in September.

Grandparents Day is the second Sunday in September.

1.Give your children art supplies and let them draw a picture of their Grandparents.

2.Have your kids paint thin strips of paper and make bookmarks for their grandparents.

3.Grandparent's Day Tie Bookmark:

Cut tie shapes 8-10inches long out of craft paper or foam sheets. Have the kids decorate them any way they like. Add the date and the their name on the back of the tie and laminate. Punch a hole at the top and thread a piece of ribbon. You could do a flower book mark for Grandma.

4.Personalized Book Marks

Photograph children and print the photos. Cut a piece of cardstock large enough to glue the picture on. Have kids decorate the bookmark with fingerprints, glitter, stickers, etc., and then glue their picture on the bookmark. Laminate.

5.Heart-Shaped Handprints

These make an excellent gift for grandparents.

Supplies Needed:

Rolling pin
Heart-shaped cake pan or heart-shaped cardboard cut-out
Plastic knife
Play clay(see recipe below)
Poster paints and paintbrushes
Cookie sheet
Give your child a rolling pin, let him roll out the clay and press handprints into. Use a pencil to help your child print his name by the handprints. Let the heart dry in the mold or cut out the heart shape using a heart-shaped cardboard cut-out and place it on a cookie sheet to dry. Ask your child to decorate the heart-shaped handprint. Allow the paint to dry.

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