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Use these kindergarten activities as part of your kindergarten curriculum for developing skills including color recognition, patterning, classifying and grouping, dramatic play, sound recognition and observational skills.

Color Recognition
Write the word RED on a piece of paper, the word BLUE on a second piece of paper, and so on for all of the colors. Give your child some old magazines or catalogues and ask them to find pictures of things that are red, blue, green, etc. They can cut them out and paste them on the proper page.

Take a walk and ask them to point out repeating patterns that they see along the way (in sidewalks, buildings, fences,etc.).

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Classifying and Grouping
Place a bunch of assorted objects (small toys, buttons, household objects, etc.) on a table. Talk about how they are alike and different. Sort them into piles of things that go together according to size, shape, color, etc.

kindergarten curriculum

Dramatic Play
Set up some theme-related play centers outfitted with realistic items of a smaller size, such as a dollhouse, store, kitchen, restaurant, doctor's office, home office, etc. Young children will enjoy practising real-life daily living skills on their own scale.

Sound Recognition
Ask children to find something in the room whose name begins with the sound of a particular letter, such as B (ball, box, bottle). Repeat with other letter sounds.

Observational Skills
Choose an object which is easily visible and within sight in the room in which you and your child are sitting. Say something like"I spy something white." If your child can't guess what it is, add another adjective such as "I spy something white and round." Continue this game until they guess correctly. Sometimes with little ones you have to be very specific such as "I spy something white, round and sitting on the shelf above the stereo."

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kindergarten curriculum

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