Mothers Day Ideas

Use these mothers day ideas as gifts from your preschoolers.

Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May. Here are some cute mothers day ideas that your preschooler can give/make for Mom with Dad's help.

Coffee Filter Flowers

Supplies Needed:

Coffee filters
washable markers in a variety of colors
water in spray bottles
old newspapers
green pipecleaners

Set out newspaper over your work area. Have your child color coffee filter with a variety of the washable colored markers.Using the spray bottle, spray coffee filter with water to allow colors to blend together. Set aside to dry for approximately half an hour.
Once dry, layer one, two, or three coffee filters on top of each other and fold them in the middle, bunching or gathering them and then tie and holding the botton together with a green pipe cleaner for the stem

Paper Lilies: Flower Bouquet for Mom

Supplies Needed: white paper
green pipe cleaners
stapler or tape

Make a lily by tracing a handprint onto white paper. Cut out the handprint and roll the fingers around a pencil, then tape the sides of the hand together(with the curled fingers facing out). Twist two pipe cleaners together to make a stem and attach with a stapler or tape. Repeat four times to make a bouquet.

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Dough Handprints

This is great for making and saving your child's hand or footprint impressions as a keepsake.

2 cups baking soda
1 cup cornstarch(cornflour)
1 1/4 cups cold water
optional:food coloring to color clay

Stir together baking soda and cornstarch in saucepan. Add water and cook over medium heat stirring constantly until mixture reaches consistency of moist mashed potatoes(approximately 6 to 10 minutes). If clay is cooked too long, finished crafts may crack.
Remove mixture to plate and cover with damp cloth. When play clay is cool enough to handle, pat until smooth. If you find the clay crumbles when working with it, add a few drops of water at a time to soften. If you find clay sticks to the hard, smooth surface you're working on, use clay on wax paper.

Potato Prints to Make Homemade Gift Wrap Paper

Make edible gifts more memorable by having your kids add their personal touch to the packaging. Put homemade cookies or candies in packages designed by your kids. Give them solid-colored paper bags or boxes and let them decorate with ribbon, bows, glitter and paint. Remember to supervise if scissors are used. Include a special message on or inside the package. Buy small white notecards and have your kids draw on them and add to the packaging.

Adult to do the following: Slice a raw potato in half lengthwise. Place a cookie cutter on the cut side of one half of the potato. Push the cookie cutter into the potato while keeping the potato flat on the table. Break away the potato that's around the outside of the cookie cutter. Push the shape out of the cookie cutter. Dry off any moisture from the potato with a paper towel. Dip in paint and let your child have fun stamping!

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Helping Hands

Give Mom a helping hand with a bouquet of special things you can do for her. She can redeem them whenever she needs a little help around the house, yard or just a big bear hug.

Supplies Needed:

tacky glue
flower pot
styrofoam or sand
colored paper

Trace and cut around your child's hand 4 to 6 times on colored paper. Also make 6 leaves on green paper. Write messages on the hands such as ...water the plants, One Big Hug, Clean my room etc. Tape the hands to the top of the straws. Add paper leaves if desired. Fill the pot with styrofoam or sand. Insert the flowers into the pot and you are done. For a special touch, fill the pot with chocolate candies or jelly beans.

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“Art is the smile of the soul.”
Source unknown

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