Preschool New Year Crafts

preschool New Years crafts at

Celebrate the new year with these easy preschool New Year crafts.

1.Calendar craft

Use a real calendar covered with your child’s own artwork to make an interesting calendar you will love the whole year through.

Supplies Needed:

Calendar for the new year
Construction paper
Crayons or markers
Nontoxic glue

Provide your child with construction paper cut to fit over the picture-portion of the calendar you purchase. You might be able to get free calendars that some pharmacies and real estate companies give away around holiday time.

After she uses the construction paper to make a picture for each month, simply glue these to the calendar in the appropriate place. After all of the pictures have been glued, press the calendar under a large heavy book to flatten it. Your child may wish to make several calendars and give them away as presents.

New Year's Memory Box Craft

Supplies Needed:

Photos taken over the year
Recycled gift box
White school glue
Laminate sheets

Choose enough photographs to cover the box lid. Spread the glue all over the box lid and arrange the photos into a collage. Allow to dry. When the glue is completely dry, seal the photos with the laminate sheets. You'll need one or two laminate sheets, depending on the size of the box. Fill the New Year's Memory Box with special items such as Christmas and birthday cards, your preschooler's artwork, report cards or awards, more photos, etc. The possibilities are endless, so allow your preschooler to choose items that had special meaning to him/her during the past year.

Celebrate the Year

Need: colored construction paper, markers, crayons, glitter, and other decorative supplies.
Directions: Write the number of the New Year on a piece of construction paper. Ex. 2009. Let the children decorate the number and hang up.

Craft tip: Using pencils/crayons
Each child will need a cotton ball, pom-pom, or small ball of playdough for this trick. Place the cotton ball in the palm of their hand and tell them to hold it down with their pinkie and ring finger. (Explain that it is “magic” and will help them write). Next ask them to pick up their pencil or crayon. They will have the correct grip!

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