Preschool Activity Kits

Use these free "filler" ideas for your preschool activity kits to provide meaningful activites for your child.

Preschool activity kits are simple, age-appropriate activities for your preschooler with all the necessary pieces in it's own ziplock bag(The kind with the zipper on top, not the kind you have to press together). Your child can pull out a bag and have all the necessary components for that activity in one place.

These are great for homeschooling. If you have ever tried to teach your older kids and deal with a younger child, you know that life can get challenging. Preschool activity kits are also great for travelling, or taking along to church, or to the doctor's office or even if you just need a bit of time to put your feet up and take a break.

The goal isn't to just put anything in the bags to keep the kids busy, but rather meaningful activites for your child.

Warning:Remember that a child can fit a Ziploc bag over his head. Always be sure children are properly supervised.

Don't do any activity more than once each week; rotate them as it maintains your child's interst more.

1. Buy colored paper clips and have your child sort those into their various colors.

2.Pattern Beads
Materials needed: pipe cleaners, pony beads in assorted colors, hot glue gun
Put together the bag: Put beads on a pipe cleaner, following a specific pattern (ex: red, blue, green, red, blue green) and glue the beads on each end to keep them in place. Provide the child with another pipe cleaner and enough beads to complete the same pattern.
Objective: Show the child how to follow a pattern.
Another option: Don’t glue on the beads, just let the child string the beads as he wants.

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3.Yarn art
Materials needed: different lengths of yarn in assorted colors, a large piece of sandpaper (attached to a piece of cardboard for more stability)
Put together the bag: Put all the supplies in a bag.
Objective: Show the child how to make pictures and patterns on the sandpaper with the yarn.

4.Stained Glass art
Materials needed: glue stick, small rectangles of waxed paper (as small as index card size or as large as a half-sheet of paper ), small squares of tissue paper (1”x1”) in various colors.
Put all the supplies in a bag.
Objective: Show the child how to use the glue stick to glue the pieces of tissue paper. When he has completed one, tape it to a sunny window.

Materials needed: small chalkboard, chalk, eraser
Put together the bag: Put all supplies in a bag.
Objective: Let the child write on the chalkboard.

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6.Books on tape
Materials needed: cassette tape, favourite book, recordable cassette player
Put together the bag: record your voice reading the book onto the cassette.
Objective: Let the child listen to you reading his favourite book

7.Rice bowl
Materials needed: measuring cups or spoons, rice, small bowls
Put together the bag: put the rice in a small Ziploc bag put all the materials in one bag.
Objective: Show the child how to pour and measure.

Fill a bag with a coloring book or coloring pages.(link) Add various crayons or markers.

Provide ½ sheets of paper onto which you have drawn simple wavy lines with a wide black marker. I used to put stickers at the ends of the lines (birds, butterflies, bugs, cars, space ships - something interesting to "go for." Draw 2 or 3 lines on each ½ sheet - the lines should be roughly parallel, not intersecting. Provide scissors and say "Can you cut along the line to all the way to the bird (or whatever.) Graduate to simple closed shapes instead of lines.

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10.Toothpick Punched Art
Layer a folded tea towel or face cloth, blank ½ sheet of black construction paper, ½ sheet of paper with simple "pattern" (heart, star, circle, square, etc.) drawn in heavy black marker (or print from computer). Layer so that towel is on table, pattern sheet is on top. Provide tooth pick and tell child to poke holes in the white pattern paper along the edges of the heart (circle, star, etc.). When done she'll like to hold her black punched piece up to the window to see the shape he made. I put lots of pattern pieces, lots of black construction pages and one face cloth in the activity bag along with 2 wooden clothes pins to hold the "sandwich" together while the child worked. He'd pick a different shape each time. We displayed the results by taping the black punched pages on the sliding glass door (sun shines through the holes).

I visit the library weekly to have a rotating supply of cassette tapes and read-along books. I'd change the book/tape bag after each use so there was always something different. She uses this activity bag every day. We use a CD player with earphones so the older child isn't disturbed while doing school.

12.Magnet bag:
several magnets, paper clips, coins, a piece of iron ore, screws, etc.

13.Art bag:
construction paper, scissors, gluestick, dot painters, rubber stamps, washable inkpad.

14.Button box: variety of old buttons to sort.
Your child could sort them into various colors or organize them from smallest to largest.

15.A cloth measuring tape to measure with (the metal ones have sharp edges). Have your child measure a variety of objects around the house.

16.Preschool Activity bags:shapes
Draw a variety of shapes (eg. triangle) and let your child fill them in with small stickers. This is a good way to reinforce shapes.

What preschool activities can I help you find today?


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