Preschool Bible Lessons

preschool bible

Use these preschool bible lessons that include crafts, games, bible stories and free printables as faith builders for your preschoolers.

Preschool Bible Lessons
Relating children's craft and game activities to bible truths helps a child to understand the relationship or connection between what he/she is doing and what the bible says. With the below craft and game ideas, tell your child the bible story and/or verse before completing the craft or game. Talk about the story while your child works on the craft activity.

1.Creation theme

2.Old Testament story:Path Through the Sea

3.Old Testament story:David Helps His Family

4.Old Testament story:Samuel Obeys God

5.Old Testament story:Deborah Obeys God

6.New Testament story:Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

7.New Testament story:Jesus Stops the Storm

8.New Testament story:Woman At the Well

9.New Testament story:The Poor Woman's Gift

Easter Story Lessons

1.Easter Garden

2.Jesus Lives Today

3.The Road to Emmaus

4. Resurrection cookies

Use these preschool bible games as an add on to reinforce bible lessons...

Bible Crafts
These bible crafts help your preschoolers make a stronger connection to a bible story or lesson...

Bible Verses
Teach your little ones these simple, paraphrased bible verses, written especially for preschoolers.

Christian coloring pages
Use these coloring pages as an add on to your preschool bible lessons.

Some of our favorite things:

Tales From the Old Testament CD by Jim Weiss. If you've ever heard Storyteller Jim Weiss before, you'll know he's excellent at what he does. He has won numerous awards and this CD is more proof of his talent. This is fantastic for listening to in the van or at bedtime. It has 7 bible stories and is about 1 hour in length.

See With Me Bible(The Bible Told in Pictures) by Zonderkidz. Illustrated by Dennis Jones. This is a great book that has 25 bible stories for children ages 6 and under. This bible is told with great visual detail that unfolds from page to page-it's perfect for pre-readers. My 4 year old loves it and was so excited to have her very own bible that she could "read" on her own.

Gotta Have God-God and Me! CD series by Legacy Press. Devotions for ages 2-5.

The Prodigal Pig DVD
The Prodigal Pig will help kids form an attitude of gratitude for all their blessings. Features the voice talents of Randy Travis, Amy Grant, and Vince Gill.

Boz:Thank You God for Adventures in Imagination DVD

The Legend of the Three Trees DVD by Tommy Nelson Publishers

The Donut Man with Duncan and the Repair Club. The Donut Hole and The Donut Hole 2. DVD

A is for Adam. The Gospel From Genesis DVD by Ken and Mally Ham

Ken Ham and Buddy Davis present...Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel DVD

Story book with CD Shelter From the Storm,by Eddy Bolton.

Story book with CD Canyon Rescue,by Eddy Bolton

“Raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he shall not depart from it.”
Proverbs, the Bible

preschool bible lessons

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