Preschool Easter Games

Use these preschool Easter games and activities including Easter egg hunt ideas and resurrection eggs.

*Have an "empty tomb" egg hunt. Hide eggs in you backyard or wherever would work for a hunt. Fill the eggs with stickers, quarters, small toys or candy. Leave one egg empty. WHoever finds the empty egg is the grand prize winner. Explain how Easter is the celebration of the empty tomb because Jesus rose from the grave on the third day. The grave was empty, just like that egg. Give the child who found the empty egg a great prize like a dollar bill, larger toy, or scoop of ice cream.

*Attend an Easter service. Whether you go to church regularly or not, Easter is a great time to participate in a holiday celebration. Many churches offer fantastic programs for kids, from giant Easter egg hunts to musical specials.

*Print out Easter coloring pages of Jesus on the cross and other Easter images. Tell your child how much God loves him/her and how special he/she is.

*Make something special for the host of your Easter dinner. If you're going to someone's house for dinner, have your preschooler make the host a special card or craft to say thank you. Your host will be youched by child's thoughtfulness. If you are the host, your child can make something small for each of your guests. Favors could be a coloring page or a small craft.

*Share the Easter message with your preschoolers with homemade:

Resurrection eggs

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