Preschool Literacy Skills

Parents-YOU are your child's FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT teacher when it comes to developing preschool literacy skills. Here are lots of ideas for parents and teachers to help develop preschool reading and printing skills.

preschool literacy skills at

Literacy means the ability to read and write. The following ideas were given to me by the local literacy office in the city where we live.

The literacy process starts with oral language. The size of a child's vocabulary at the beginning of kindergarten is a strong predictor of success in early learning.

What can parents do?
-Talk to your child.
-Read to and with your child.
-Sing to and with your child.
-Encourage your child to talk.


Children who are read to 30 minutes every day from birth enter kindergarten with 900 hours of reading exposure.

What can parents do?
-Set a special time to read with your child every day.
-Let your child pick the book.
-Let your child turn the pages and touch the pictures.
-Engage your child in conversation about the story.
-Make reading fun.
-The local library has lots of books for children of all ages.

Print awareness is one of the most important predictors of later reading success. Print awareness is knowing how print looks and how it works.

What can parents do?
-Talk about the cover of the book, and find the front and back of the book.
-Find the beginning and the end of the story.
-Find the names of the author and illustrator, and talk about their jobs.
-Point to where you should start reading
-Follow the print with your finger from left to right and top to bottom.
-Talk about how words are made up of letters

Top of preschool literacy skills


-Child can practise writing own name, alphabet letters,(link) names of objects.
-Child can copy familiar words(eg. names of toys, stores, foods)
-child can draw a picture, then dictate a story.(may be only one sentence)
-Make a book of child's stories or drawings.
-Make own books(alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes)by cutting pictures out of flyers, catalogues, and magazines.
-Provide materials like paper, pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, markers. Encourage children to draw, scribble, paint color and make crafts
-Let your child 'feel' the letters by finger-painting them, making them out of playdough tracing them with a finger in sand or shaving cream.


Our brain is uniquely wired to learn easily through music. Music helps preschoolers develop language, memory, and thinking skills.

What can parents do?
-Encourage your child to sing and dance.
-Make and play instruments.
-Make a song sack: Put in several small objects which relate to song titles you have been singing with the children(eg. green frog, happy face). A child takes out one object and the group sings that song.
-Play a variety of music for your child.

Our favorite story books

Top of preschool literacy skills

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