Preschool Songs, Rhymes, and Fingerplays

Use these preschool songs, rhymes and fingerplays as one of the best ways to develop reading skills in young children.

Research suggests that one of the best ways to develop reading skills in young children is through rhyming activities. Children build phonological awareness through rhyme and rhythm and children learn best when they're having fun! Preschool songs, rhymes and fingerplays are fun!

Four Seasons themed rhyme:

I like Autumn-crunchy leaves,
Colors falling out of trees,
I like Autumn

I like winter-snow is nice,
Slipping, sliding on the ice,
I like winter.

I like spring-pink and green,
Wind and rain on everything,
I like spring

I like summer-skies of blue,
So many lovely things to do,
I like summer.

Spring themed rhyme:
Little Robin Redbreast

Summer themed rhyme:
Mister Sun

Fall themed rhyme:
When the Leaves are on the Ground

Winter themed rhyme:
Snow at Night

Preschool Fingerplays

Children enjoy using their fingers as they participate in action rhymes and finger plays. Finger play provides the first steps of the necessary stages of random manipulations that lead to concrete thinking. Fingerplays introduce the children to specific fingers on their hands.

There is a little mouse hiding in a hole
(hand closed with thumb inside)
It will come out if we talk soft and low
Open up a window, another and another
(raise little finger, then next, then next)
There is the mouse hiding in the covers
(thumb under index finger)

Two Little Blackbirds

Two little blackbirds (hold up thumb)
sitting on a hill.
One named Jack (wiggle left thumb)
and one named Jill. (wiggle right thumb)
Fly away, Jack! (move left thumb behind you)
Fly away Jill! (move right thumb behind you)
Come back, Jack! (bring back left thumb)
Come back Jill! (bring back right thumb)
Two little blackbirds (hold up thumbs)
sitting on a hill.
One named Jack (wiggle left thumb)
One named Jill. (wiggle right thumb)

Tongue twisters:

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
If a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could
If a woodchuck could chuck wood!

Nursery Rhymes and songs list:
Most of these have optional music accompaniment if you wish.
Make sure your speakers are turned on.

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