Preschool Summer Games

Have fun with these preschool summer games.

1.Frisbee golf:Make a golf course in your back yard. Draw large numbers on paper plates and tape to trees or shrubs to designate each "hole", which players must hit with the frisbee.

2.Balloon volleyball:Tie six to ten feet of string between two chairs for a net.

3.Backyard Bowling:Spray paint ten (2 liter) soda bottles to make bowling pins. (Put a little water or sand in each to weigh it down). Turn your driveway or patio into a bowling lane.

4.Pan for gold:Bury pennies in a sandbox. Your kids can search for pennies using plastic colanders or sieves. Be careful with very small children as pennies can be a choke risk.

5.Backyard Obstacle Course:Create an obstacle course where your kids can crawl under lawn chairs, or through tunnels made from large boxes. Walk or hop along a curvy garden hose, and dodge an oscillating sprinkler. Make it a little more difficult each time they do it by having each child balance a bean bag or rolled up pair of socks on a paper plate.

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Great playdough fun!

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Great playdough fun