Preschool Weather Science

preschool weather science

Use these preschool weather science ideas as part of your preschool science lesson plan or on their own.

Air Temperature

Show your children where the red line or mercury is on a thermometer. Read the temperature aloud and then put a rubber band around the thermometer at the temperature reading. Explain that as the temperature gets warmer, the red line in the thermometer rises. Ask the children to predict what will happen to the red line if they put the thermometer outside.
Place the thermometer outside for about 15 minutes and have the children see where the red line is. Discuss why it went up or down.

Recording Observations

Show your children the weather symbols found in the newspaper. Make several copies of each symbol so that your kids can attach the appropriate symbol to a large wall calendar as you observe and record the weather together for a week or a month. Record the weather in a weather notebook where the children draw a picture of the weather that day.

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Cloud Watching

Take your children outside to obseve the clouds.Talk about what the clouds look like. Explain that some clouds that look like big cotton balls(cumulus clouds) usually means the weather is going to be nice. Big, black thunderclouds(cumulonimbus clouds) move very fast and can bring thunder showers quickly. Clouds that look connected, like a blanket(status clouds)make the whole sky gray. These clouds often bring drizzle or light snow. Clouds that look something like hair, thin and wispy,(cirrus clouds) usually mean fair or good weather.
Invite them to lie on their backs on the ground and identify shapes they see in the clouds, such as a rabbit or person,etc.

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Tea kettle Clouds

Boil a kettle of water on the stove. As the steam comes out of the spout, point out to the children that the warm droplets of water are forming a cloud as they meet the air that is colder.

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Snowflake Patterns

To help children see snowflake patters, place pieces of black cloth or black construction paper outside on a day when it looks like it will snow.

Once you have collected snowflakes on the black cloth or paper, give your kids magnifying glasses so they can see the patterns of crystals.

Can your kids find any snowflakes that are exactly alike? Explain to them that no two snowflakes are exactly alike.

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