Preschool Valentine Crafts

Use these preschool valentine crafts to help your preschooler celebrate Valentine's Day.

Coffee Filter Heart

Supplies Needed:
Paper coffee filter
Washable markers or watercolor paints in red, pink or purple
Spraybottle with water

Cut out a heart shape from the coffee filter. Flatten the coffee filter and place it on a plate or newspaper as the paint or markers and water will soak through. Using colors of red, pink, and purple and using either paint or markers, color the heart using more than one color.You don't have to paint or color the whole thing. Painting only parts of it will give it a tie dyed effect. Spray the coffee filter heart with water so the colors run and blend together. Set aside on paper towels to dry. When it's dry, hang it in a window.

--Preschool Valentine Crafts--

Window Heart Collage

Supplies Needed:

2 Sheets of wax paper 12 inches x 18 inches
wax crayon shavings in valentine colors(red,pink,purple,white)
Clothes iron (adult to use)

Cut two large hearts, each the same size out of the wax paper. Sprinkle crayon shavings on top and all over one wax paper heart. Place the second wax paper heart over top and have an adult run a hot iron over top to melt the crayon shavings in between the two sheets of wax paper. Tape to a window and enjoy your child's window heart collage.

--Preschool Valentine Crafts--

Valentine Wreath

Supplies Needed:

Paper plate
valentine pictures
hole punch

Cut out the inside of a paper plate. Keep it plain or have your child paint it. Have them paste all around the plate with pictures of hearts, cupids, and other Valentine things. Punch a hole in the top of the wreath and pull string through for a hanging device. Have them paste streamers or strings to the back of the wreath. Hang on a door or closet.

--Preschool Valentine Crafts--

Potato Print Valentines

Supplies Needed:

Cut a potato in half and cut a heart shape on one end of the cut ends. Paint the heart shape red and press it onto white paper. Allow the children to make any pictures they wish.

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