Spring Preschool Crafts

Use these spring preschool crafts to help explore and celebrate the season.


These kites don't really fly, but they look cute in windows.

Cut several large diamond shapes out of colored poster board. Tell your child to pretend these are kites and to decorate them as she likes. Cut a piece of ribbon and tape it on as the tail of the kite.

Handprint flower

Trace four handprints onto colorful paper. Cut out the handprints and then glue all of the bases of the hands together in a circular pattern to form a flower. Cut a circle out of yellow paper and paste it in the middle.

Coffee Filter Flowers

Supplies Needed:

Coffee filters
washable markers in a variety of colors
water in spray bottles
old newspapers
green pipecleaners

Set out newspaper over your work area. Have your child color coffee filter with a variety of the washable colored markers.Using the spray bottle, spray coffee filter with water to allow colors to blend together. Set aside to dry for approximately half an hour.
Once dry, layer one, two, or three coffee filters on top of each other and fold them in the middle, bunching or gathering them and then tie and holding the botton together with a green pipe cleaner for the stem.

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Gelatin Suncatchers

Supplies Needed:
1 small package(84g)colorless gelatin powder or approximately 1 Tbsp
3-4Tbsp hot water(adult supervision and assistance required)
variety of different food coloring colors
plastic circular lids (approx. 3-4 inches in diameter)

Pour gelatin powder into a small bowl. Add hot water and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Gelatin-water mixture should be runny enough to pour but not too thin and watery. Pour into lid. Add drops of 1 or more food coloring colors to the lid and make a design in the mixture with a fork, or just leave food coloring drops in place without moving or stirring them around. Set aside and let dry for 1 to 2 days. Once dry and stiff, remove gelatin from lid, punch a hole near the top with the tip of a pen, thread some string through the hole and then hang up next to a window.

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Colored Bubbles On Paper

Supplies Needed:

bubble blowing solution with small circle shaped wands
white paper
food coloring

Add a few drops of food coloring to the bubble solution. Have your child blow bubbles, aiming them to land on the white paper. Colored circles from the bubbles will appear on the paper.

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