Spring Preschool Games and Activities

Enjoy these spring preschool games and activites including sensory activities and a homemade bubble recipe.

Nature Sounds:
In advance, record sounds that you may hear more of now that spring has sprung and people tend to be outdoors more. For example:birds chirping, dogs barking, rain falling, wind blowing, kids splashing in puddles. Play the recording for your preschooler. Ask them to identify what each sound represents. Ask older preschoolers to draw one of the things they heard on the recording.

What's inside the bag?

Brown paper bags, various nature items(leaf, rock, blades of grass, flower)

In advance, place one nature item in each brown paper bag. Invite preschoolers to take turns reaching into the bags and guessing what is inside. Ask:What does it feel like? What do you think is in the bag?

Make it rain
In advance, prepare empty tin cans by punching holes in the bottom with an awl and hammer. Make one per child.
Take your children outside to make it rain on plants. Using a bucket of water, let your children scoop out water, and then walk around making it rain(dripping water out of their cans)onto plants. Say to them that the rain helps the plants to grow.

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Giant Bubbles

3 cups water
1 cup dishwashing liquid
1/3 cup light corn syrup

Mix all together in a large bowl. Instead of using dishwashing liquid I also use Baby Shampoo. This won't sting children's eyes if the bubbles splatter in their eyes.

Homemade Bubble Wands

1.Classic coat hanger wand:Bend a wire hanger into a circle and handle. Wrap the circle with string. Dipping container: Upside down trash can lid.

2.Giant Soap Bubble Wand:Use 2 drinking straws, and a length of string, about 48 inches long. Thread the string through both of the straws, and knot the ends. Lay the straws and string down in the soap solution. Gently lift up the straws, one in each hand. Spread the straws apart as you lift, and a giant bubble will form. Wave your arms across in the air and the bubble will be set free, to float up and away.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Thatcher. Thatcher who? Thatcher was a funny joke!

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Great playdough fun!

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Great playdough fun