Thanksgiving Preschool Games

Enjoy these Thanksgiving preschool games to help celebrate the season!

Gobble, Gobble, Cook Me!:
This is a Thanksgiving version of Duck, Duck, Goose. Children sit on the ground in a large circle. One child is chosen as the turkey. The turkey must then select a cook who will try to catch him and roast him for Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey walks around the circle, patting each player lightly on the head and calling each player either "Gobble" or "Cook me!" As long as the turkey says, "Gobble," he or she is safe. When the turkey calls "Cook me!," however, the child tagged must jump up and chase the turkey around the circle. If the cook catches the turkey, the turkey must go sit in the center of the circle (the roasting pot). If the turkey sits in the cook's spot before the cook tags him, the turkey is safe, and the cook becomes the next turkey.

Turkey Hide & Seek:
Depending on how many kids are playing, choose two to three to be the farmers going out to get the turkeys, the rest of the children are the turkeys. Have the 'farmers' count to ten to allow the turkeys time to hide. The turkeys may gobble to help the farmers locate them, as the turkeys are caught farmers place them in a designated 'pen'. When all turkeys are caught, change the farmers and play again, and again, and again.

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